Puki came home safe.


My cat puki is an indoors cat that never goes out.

One day during the morning she run away following a seagull and we lost sight of her. She was lost for 2 days. On the first day we walked around our neighborhood during the day calling her name but she didn’t show up. So on the second day we decided to do the following and that’s how we found her: 1. Put out posters and tell your neighbors that your cat is missing 2. Put your cat’s litter box outside . Cats recognize their owners smell by miles 3. Go looking for your cat during night time when it’s quiet 4. Call your cat’s name near your neighbors houses or your house. Call your cat names severa times . At least 30 times. Until you hear it miaw. Cat’s won’t come to you because they are scared, you will need to go and grab them 5. Use a flashlight to look for your cat because their eyes will shine 6. Look where other cats are going and follow them

How did we find puki? We put her litter box at our door. One of the neighbors that saw our poster saw that a black cat was near our neighbors garden many times during that day. We went to the neighbors garden and used a flashlight to find her. Called her name for 5 minutes until she finally cried. She was under a car right next to the neighbors door. I went under the car and grabbed her . She was too scared to come out Hope this advise helps you