• Search for your missing pet in our database under pets found.
  • Register your pet with us as soon as possible.
  • Fill out the form with as many details as you can.
  • Upload pictures of your pet in order to increase the chances of it being found.
  • Make a note of the Amivedi registration number of your missing animal.
  • Create a poster and distribute it in the neighbourhood.
  • Check with your local council what the rules are regarding the hanging of posters to prevent you getting fined. 
  • Be careful with the giving of rewards; this may attract blackmailers and con men.
  • Advertise in local papers and hang up posters on notice boards at schools and busy shops in the area.
  • Also register your missing pet with PetLook
  • Inform your neighbours, animal ambulance, police, animal shelters and other organisations involved in animal welfare that your pet is missing.
  • Regularly check the list of found animals on our website, until your pet has been found.
  • Repeatedly visit animal shelters in the area and leave a picture of your missing pet.
  • Search for your missing cat in the attic, in cupboards, local sheds and garages. Ask your neighbours to do the same.
  • If you have recently moved, always search the area where you used to live and inform your former neighbours.


  • Find the appropriate colour of your cat with the aid of our cat colour chart. Download
  • Call the cat at night when all is quiet and listen at the doors of garages and sheds in the neighbourhood.
  • Scatter some cat grit from the litterbox in the garden; the smell may help your cat find the way back home.
  • By law cats do not have to be microchipped but a microchip considerably increases the chances of finding them when they go missing.  


  • Find the appropriate dog breed with the aid of our dog breed chart. Download
  • Check the registration of your pedigree dog with De Raad van Beheer.
  • If your dog is missing, return to the place where you last saw it. Dogs often return to the spot where they last saw their owner or dog walker.
  • Leave something behind that has the smell of home on it, e.g. an item of clothing or dog blanket at the spot you last saw your dog or park the car as close as you can to this spot.
  • The law requires all dogs to be micro chipped. Check the information registered with the microchip database to make sure the given information is still up to date.


  • Find the appropriate bird species with the aid of our bird species chart. Download