Found our cat after 48h with the help of Amivedi


One of our cats went missing in the night of 30 August.

As we forgot the balcony door opened, the only possibility was that she fell down in the neighbors' gardens, or went up on the roof terraces. None was very good as we were very worried she might be hurt after a 3-story fall, or worse.

I posted her missing on Amivedi and it was approved almost right away. They also send us some very good tips, such as making posters (we spread them around the neighborhood), putting some cat littler around the house as the cat might be disoriented, and going out at night looking for her.

The first night she was spotted by a neighbor in a garden, but she ran away as soon as we approached her. During the day she was nowhere to be seen and that made us worry even more as at that point she hadn't eaten in 48hrs.

The second night we were quite desperate - after it went dark, I managed to go in our building's ground floor garden, put some food there and some of her cat litter, and call her.
Soon I heard some faint meows, and I recognized it was her!

After some trial and error we figured out she was stuck in a neighbor's bike shed very close to our building's garden. He unfortunately wasn't home, but the shed was close enough that I could go over and get Lizzie out.

She was very scared, approached me carefully, but had no injuries.I was so extremely happy to be able to get her back rather quickly! She ate two bowls of food and was full of love for us.

Thanks Amivedi team for the very useful tips and support!