Shakey came back


6 o'clock Thursday morning Shakey went out for his morning poops, by 9 oçlock he wasn't back, this was already unusual especially in cold wet weather he is a real homeboy but loves outside aswell.

I spent the whole day searching for him in the usual places and as we got more worried in some unusual places, in my heart I knew he was locked up somewhere but you can't help thinking the worst. As the night drew in my wife went to bed as she had to work early but we left all the doors and windows open in case he came back, I stayed up but eventually gave in to tiredness around 2 oçlock, I had found your webite earlier in the day and had placed a missing cat advert, it was heartwarming to read all the happy stories about animals that came back even after weeks away, it also breaks your heart to read the ones that don't turn out so happy.

At 4 o'clock in the morning our prayers were answered Shakey came home and I was able to wake my wife with our purring, hungry and very tired but otherwise totally fine little bundle of furry joy. Thanks a million for what you do It is so comforting to know that there are people out there whor really care for animals, we shall be supporting you and checking in on the website and Facebook from now on and hopefully everybody has a happy return just like us.

Very many thanks Peter Trudgett and Kirsten Uni and of course Shakey!